You Helped Jack Find His Way All the Way Home

Jack (not his real name) is a young veteran in his late twenties who returned from Operation Iraq Freedom as a sergeant in the U.S. Army — with post-traumatic stress syndrome and traumatic brain injuries after surviving an IED blast and seeing his friends and comrades wounded and killed. A native of Maine, Jack fell into difficulties with his family life, employment, and health problems — and ultimately into homelessness.  

Today, Jack is a resident of Volunteers of America’s Veterans Career House transitional housing facility in Biddeford, Maine, where he has been receiving support around his physical and mental health challenges. VCH staff have connected him with professionals to help deal with the symptoms of PTSS and TBI, advocated for him at the Veteran’s Administration, and have made sure he stays on track with his medications and the range of integrated programs we offer. In addition, with our encouragement and continuing assistance, he has forged a meaningful personal connection with two of our neighbors in the community. These neighbors, a couple in their late sixties (of whom the husband is also a veteran), have taken Jack under their wing like a member of their own family. At first, he simply mowed their lawn. Today he spends time regularly with them, doing work on the property — and just being friends. 

Thanks to Jack’s courage, our programs, and the life-giving humanity of our fellow citizens, we’re helping another American veteran create a real opportunity to go All the Way Home.™