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How Mediation Works

How Mediation Works

During mediation, people in conflict make an effort to find resolution with the assistance of a team of trained co-mediators. You will meet at a time and place convenient for everyone, often a community room or classroom, or a conference room at a local nonprofit agency. The mediators will help by clarifying communication, exploring options, and keeping the conversation focussed. Everyone will have time to tell her or his story and participate in discussion. The idea is to work toward an agreement that all parties can live with.

Mediation is:

  • Voluntary: The decision to participate is 100% yours
  • Effective: You’ll work out your own agreements with a neutral mediator’s help
  • Informal: No official proceedings — just plain talk
  • Quick: Mediation usually starts within a week or two of your call and takes just a few hours
  • Satisfying: You’ll tell your story and help find a solution
  • Confidential: Everything you say in mediation is private and “stays in the room”
  • Affordable: Our services are low-cost

In mediation, decisions are made by you and the other people in the session, often eliminating the need for costly, time-consuming court involvement. Mediators are neutral and impartial. They do not make decisions — they help you find your own solutions.

A success story: Eviction avoided

We helped a landlord and tenant in Augusta mediate a conflict about overdue rent with the tenants on the verge of eviction. The landlord was so pleased with our results that she negotiated a new rental agreement with the tenants and then held mediations with other tenants in his buildings as well.


A success story: Friendship regained

A deal between three Maine businesspeople went so badly that all three felt cheated out of their money and at first refused to sit in the same room. In mediation, it became clear that the real repair work they needed was in their relationship. In the end, they walked out shaking hands and joking — friends again.


A success story: Parents doing it right

An unmarried couple in Portland had a four-month-old baby. Even though they no longer wanted to live together, they needed help figuring out how to work together for the sake of their child. They came to mediation to learn how to communicate better with each other and makearrangements for co-parenting. They resolved their tough issues — and came to an agreement that they would dedicate themselves to their child’s wellbeing.


A success story: Farm disaster averted

When a Maine farm had financial losses, the family’s good reputation let them get a bank loan. But the farmer saw he wouldn’t earn enough in the coming year to make the payments.With our help, the farmer and the bank developed a solution that let the farmer pay the loan while the bank preserved a valuable customer.


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