Geographic Area and Number of Campers

Every year, over 300 applications for Camp POSTCARD attendance are received by Volunteers of America. Referrals come from Camp leaders located in all Maine counties. The difficult task of deciding which children to invite to Camp POSTCARD is conducted by the Camp Directors. The directors review every application and choose approximately 200 children. It is their goal to welcome children form all 16 Maine counties, to try to have equal representation of girls and boys, and to pick the children who will receive the most benefit from this experience. The past has shown that, in spite of extensive outreach to families, out of the 200 children chosen, only 160-170 will actually attend Camp POSTCARD.

The primary reasons for referral in 2021 were:

  • Family has limited financial resources:  47.75%
  • Child has significant self-esteem issues: 23.8%
  • Child is being rewarded for positive behavior: 11.69%
  • Child has suffered a significant loss: 8.79%
  • Child has a parent or relative in law enforcement: 6.49%
  • Child has ADD/ADHD or other issues that would prevent him/her from being successful at other camps: 1.48%

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