Country Villa in Bangor: Supportive Senior Living

Country Villa is the latest in Senior Services

We can't wait to introduce you to Volunteers of America's newest senior residence, Country Villa. It's a small, private Retirement Inn in Bangor, modeled on a traditional New England Bed and Breakfast for seniors.

"It's just like a Bed and Breakfast but you get lunch and dinner too," one of the residents told us, "I feel so safe and cared for, and my daughter doesn't worry so much about me." Her friend nodded in agreement. They were having coffee and cookies in the library, "We like to treat ourselves in the afternoons," her friend added.

Country Villa has has become known in the region for providing a personalized, friendly setting for seniors who are not necessarily looking for assisted living, but may be ready for supportive services.

With lovely country gardens, sunny decks, and property that is lined with quiet woods, Country Villa has a cozy, casual, inviting atmosphere. And it's peaceful but not remote. Country Villa is barely a mile and a half from the center of the City.

Typically, seniors who want or need a helping hand once in awhile and want to live independently have few options. Country Villa is ready to offer individual assistance by well-trained and friendly staff.

The outstanding, home-cooked meals and dining options are the stuff of regional legend and have attracted rave reviews from residents, visitors and their families.

Comfortable common areas abound, all on one floor for the safety and convenience of residents and their guests.

Laundry, housekeeping and an activities coordinator who can arrange outings and transportation are also included.

"Everyone should be able to age where they want, and with dignity and care," says Carmen Daigle, Volunteers of America's Director of Senior Services. She has been hard at work welcoming Country Villa's residents into the Volunteers of America's family, and they are happy for the transition.

Visitors are treated to friendly conversation, warm smiles and high praise for the new management. "We couldn't do it without the dedication of the 24 hour staff." Carmen adds.

We couldn't be happier for the new addition to our family. If you'd like more information, visit the website at or contact Carmen Daigle at