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Are you in conflict with family members, neighbors, or at work?

Conflict happens in almost everyone’s life at some point or another. But it can be dealt with effectively. Our trained, low-cost mediators will work with all parties in your dispute — in an impartial, professional way — to help clarify the issues, explore options, and reach a mutually satisfying resolution.

If you have a dispute or conflict with…

  • Your neighbors
  • Friends or family
  • Employees or management
  • Customers, clients, or vendors
  • Landlords or housing authorities
  • Businesses or other organizations
  • People in your school
  • Farmers
  • Lending institutions

…we can help.

Our specialized mediation, meeting facilitation, and training services are offered in the areas of family life, neighborhood relations, agriculture, housing, landlord–tenant relations, employment, nonprofit and for-profit organizational life, elder care, and schools.

Our services are confidential, nonbinding, and affordable.

Benefits of Mediation

  • Win/Win solutions
  • Create your own solutions
  • Rebuild relationships
  • Private and confidential
  • Much faster than court system
  • Less costly than litigation
  • High settlement rate

Email us today at Together we'll decide if mediation is right for you. We'll set up a convenient time and place for everyone to meet. We'll identify the issues and look for common ground. At the end, we'll help you write up an agreement that meets everyone's needs.

Special services for organizations

Our trained mediators can facilitate strategic-planning sessions, group conflict situations and other key meetings and projects for your organization. We also offer conflict-resolution workshops and trainings for employees and managers; grievance support services; and skills training for organizational communication, team building, and more.

Special services for the agricultural community

Our trained mediators can facilitate disputes involving adverse USDA decisions, farm loans, environmental or forestry issues, insurance or disaster relief, contracts with food processors, neighbors, labor issues, wetland determinations, and more.

Read the U.S. Department of Agriculture discrimination policy

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