Community Liaison

What is a Community Liaison? 

A Community Liaison Officer (CLO) is a non-law enforcement professional who responds alongside a police officer to the scene of an emergency or other situation that would traditionally be responded to solely by law enforcement. Whether responding to in-progress calls or conducting follow up, the goal of the community liaison is to divert individuals from the traditional criminal justice system and redirect them to the most appropriate resources.

What do CLOs do on the scene?

  • Make community referrals
  • Talk with the people involved, offer support & guidance
  • Connect with family members
  • Drive someone to the Emergency Department and wait with them
  • Paperwork, phone calls, Mainecare
  • Help our community members with non-criminal matters

What are the benefits of the CLO Program?

When implemented, the co-responder model has the potential to produce many benets including:

  • The creation of improved and more immediate responses to crisis situations;
  • The ability to follow up with individuals, family members, and caregivers after a crisis to reduce the likelihood of further crisis situations;
  • A decrease in expensive arrests and jail admissions for individuals in behavioral health crisis;
  • A reduction in psychiatric hospitalizations; and more accurate on-scene needs assessments
  • CLO’s free up law enforcement’s time to focus on matters related to criminal justice enforcement.

Waldo County CLOs

Stephen Brimley, 207-705-4452

Rachelle Bell, CADC 207-323-3097

Kate Dowd, LCSW-cc 207-468-3463