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Community Justice Programs

Community Justice Programs, saving millions of dollars in incarceration costs each year

Volunteers of America believes that innovative, restorative, evidence-based programming improves lives and communities. We operate community justice programs in three Maine counties (Penobscot, Waldo and Lincoln) that meet the needs of clients involved in the criminal justice system. Our communities benefit by having defendants and offenders work towards change without unnecessary incarceration. Our staff members monitor the progress of clients and help them manage justice requirements so that communities are safe and clients continue to work, remain with family, and act responsibly in the community. This approach saves millions of dollars in incarceration costs each year, reducing the cost burden to the State of Maine. 

Our programs include: 

  • Pre-Trial Services: community supervision and case management (daily call-ins, random on-site checks, monitoring of bail and curfew conditions).
  • Home Release: community supervision of home confinement for sentenced inmates who have completed required amount of sentence in custody.
  • Alternative Sentencing: a weekend or week long “camp” where sentenced offenders pay to participate and serve the equivalent of their sentence at a safe, non-jail location, performing community service and receiving substance abuse counseling and behavioral education. The Penobscot County Alternative Sentencing Program is able to assist individuals from Maine counties. 
  • ReFinement Program - Penobscot County: Low-income community members can pay off fines through community services, avoiding incarceration, warrants and repeated court appearances.
  • Batterers Intervention: As ordered by Probation or DHHS – for men from Sagadahoc, Lincoln and Eastern Cumberland Counties.
  • ReEntry Center at Two Bridges Regional Jail, provides reentry services to men and women. Staff members meet with inmates to facilitate change and create realistic release plans. 


For details about Batterers Intervention, contact Mary O'Leary 207-240-4846

For details about Two Bridges, contact Judy Peavey 207-882-4268, x1222

For details about programs in Penobscot County, contact Brandee Trask at 941-9450.

For details about our Community Justice Programs in other areas of Mainecontact us at 373-1140.