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Advisory Councils

Insight, expertise, and friendship

Our work in Northern New England would not be possible without the help and support of our Advisory Councils — a team of community volunteers from all walks of life who contribute their wisdom, time, and energy in helping us guide and expand our organizationʼs programs.

We could not do it without you. Thank you!

Arthur B. Huot House Advisory Council

  • Tim DeCosta: President Rolling Thunder Chapter 2 Maine
  • Cindy DeCosta, founding member Rolling Thunder Chapter 2 Maine
  • Nicole Albert: Cumberland County ADA
  • Sallie Huot: Wife of the late Arthur B. Huot
  • Pam Payuer: Director-Warrior Legacy Foundation's Wounded Heroes Program Maine
  • Ray Inglesi: Drake, Inglesi, Milardo Inc. and also a Veteran
  • Bob Quentin: President- Saco and Biddeford Savings
  • Susan Gold: Southern Maine Agency on Aging Vet to Vet Program Coordinator
  • Jason Longo: Former Huot House Resident/ U. S. Army Vet
  • Paul Skidgel: Former Huot House Resident/USMC Vet
  • Levi Libby: Former Huot House Resident/ US Army Vet
  • Tom Coates: Former Huot House Resident/ U.S. Navy Vet
  • Joe Robichaud: former HH Resident/ U.S. Army Vet
  • Wayne Knickerson: former HH Resident/ U.S. Army Vet
  • Stephen Maynard: former HH Resident/ U.S. Army Vet
  • William Rice: former Huot House Resident / Veteran
  • William Marinelli: former Huot House Resident / Veteran
  • Michael Merrill: Program Manager
  • Jenn Carrier: HH Residential Support Specialist

Special Events Team

  • Polly Miller Legere, Chair
  • Alan Fried
  • Margo Wood
  • Rebecca Googins
  • Sarah Higgins
  • Michael Coon
  • Susan Kennedy
  • Erica Koch